Transform your fleet operations with a robust management platform.

Improve efficiency with our flexible and intuitive software. Manage your assets in a modern platform designed to empower your key business drivers.

Improve your fleet management & optimize your workflows

Using customized reporting, simplified processes and comprehensive data—you can stay on top of your program in one place.

Cost Recovery

Capture recurring payments and bill for additional services.

Customer Management

Review customer activity, key metrics and marketing.

Customer Underwriting

Configure custom rules to evaluate your users. Credit checks, Motor Vehicle Records, Insurance Verification, and more.


Purpose built to pair with existing partners and industry leading tools.

Modern Inspections

Offer simple inspections or enhance your program with a digital AI inspection process.

Easily manage your fleet

Give your dealership team the tools and information they need to do their jobs well.


Streamline your workflow

Identify key action items and key metrics to call out on your dashboard


Manage documents in one place

Digital document storage and a "paper trail" for all vehicle activity


Gain valuable insights

Add important vehicle costs to identify profitability in reporting.

Example Subscriptions in the Motiva Platform
Example Analytics in the Motiva Platform

Data Driven

Handing you key insights to drive your business profitably


Program Metrics

Identify what matters most from customers, fleet and financials


Detailed Reports

Drill down into asset by asset financials


Curate Reporting for 3rd parties

What if insurance, accounting, or sales channels need customer reports each month? No problem!

Administrative Power

Configure your platform with a robust set of tools that will automate, attract and standardize your experience.


Marketing notifications

Configure messaging to go out to users at key moments of their journey


Manage Pricing

Customize pricing and fee structures with many unique tools


Expand rapidly

Built to scale. Add new locations within minutes!

Example Admin Panel in the Motiva Platform

Expertise & Support

Having built programs for major OEMs, Dealer Groups, Fleet Companies and Financial Captive, know you are in good hands.


SOC2 Compliant

Know that you have top tier compliance & security of data



White label your platform to brand your business and enhance the experience of users.



Manage fleets over 10,000+ units with ease.

Built to scale with you

Whether you’re just started building your business, expanding internationally, or cutting costs—Motiva is here for you.

Real companies with real results.

Motiva's team and software have been instrumental in transforming my experience in the subscription/mobility industry. I worked with them for the first time on 2018, and I can confidently say that they are true pioneers in their field. Not only is their software incredibly intuitive and easy to use, but it's the passion and dedication of their team that truly sets them apart.

What truly makes Motiva special is their team. Their genuine care and personalized support have made all the difference for me. It's clear that they are not just in the business of providing software; they are in the business of building relationships and creating value for their customers.

I'm grateful for the positive impact Motiva has had on my experience, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone in the industry.

Agustin Perret-Gentil

Chief Analytics Officer, AmeriDrive

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