Empower your
automotive business
with tailored solutions

to optimize your day-to-day operations in one easy to access platform

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Manage your assets in one place

Document Compliance

Tax integrations covering 50 US states, support for international deployments, custom contracting, custom disclaimers, and a system built to support your compliance with consumer privacy regulations.


Drive electrification of your commercial fleet, accelerate consumer adoption of EV's, and monitor your performance on the journey toward a sustainable future.


Integrations established with a growing menu of third party providers. Configure automated tasks to support your business needs.

Track Spending

Manage expenses at the asset level, exportable reports to drive efficiency and optimize performance.

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Real-Time data to keep you up-to-date


Configurable alerts for platform administrators and drivers & asset operators. Configure contract renewals and fee billing.


Asset & customer performance and configurable KPI's & metrics to drive results.


Experience peace of mind with Motiva. We are committed to compliance and the security, availability, and confidentiality of your data. Motiva is a SOC 2 Type 2 compliant organization.

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Keep it simple and easy for your customers

Easy to Use

Beautiful and intuitive consumer apps: create an account, tap to reserve and pay, custom underwriting parameters.

History & Tracking

Customers like having access to their contracts, payments, insurance and more.

White Label Customizations

Your brand, your designs, your configuration. From powering consumer rental to last mile fleet to industrial fleets and robotics.

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Why choose Motiva?

We love sharing insights and solutions based on our deep experience managing the intersection of fleet operations, consumer transactions, and making powerful technologies simple to use.

Data Analysis

for actionable insights to drive optimal business results

Ease of Use

to keep your customers and operators happy

Real companies with real results.

Motiva's team and software have been instrumental in transforming my experience in the subscription/mobility industry. I worked with them for the first time on 2018, and I can confidently say that they are true pioneers in their field. Not only is their software incredibly intuitive and easy to use, but it's the passion and dedication of their team that truly sets them apart.

What truly makes Motiva special is their team. Their genuine care and personalized support have made all the difference for me. It's clear that they are not just in the business of providing software; they are in the business of building relationships and creating value for their customers.

I'm grateful for the positive impact Motiva has had on my experience, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone in the industry.

Agustin Perret-Gentil

Chief Analytics Officer, AmeriDrive

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have my other company's tools plug into Motiva?


Yes, Motiva’s software is API driven and can integrate with a variety of existing tools, including Telematics, Inventory, Payment processors, and Fraud prevention.

Can I manage my users' permissions to different levels?


Motiva’s software allows for a hierarchy of permissions that will restrict views as needed and allow for roll up/drill down capabilities in reporting. You are able to assign basic access, administrative access at the location level, group level or full program level.

Do I need to use Motiva branding or can I have my own branded platform/app?


You can use your own branding to drive customer experience through our mobile app and employee engagement in the software platform!

How does Motiva ensure data privacy and security?


Motiva employs industry leading measures, including a SOC2 Compliance to protect sensitive information and compliance with data protection regulations.

How does Motiva’s software work?


Motiva’s software is an asset & customer management tool that helps facilitate billing, subscription, loaner, micro-lease, and administrative tasks. It is built to optimize workflows, customer journeys and provide new revenue streams to existing retail businesses in automotive & asset industries.

How long does it take to get started?


Depending on your program requirements, you can have your software running in less than a week! Our implementation team will take you through our guided onboarding process and identify all technical details needed to help your company move forward quickly.

Is there a mobile app, or is it web based?


There is a consumer-facing mobile app available as well as our web-based platform.

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